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Scape & Scale Reference

War Zone GTS products are available in a variety of Scapes (colors) and Scales (elevations). Click on the images below to get more detailed information.

Terran (grass)


Badlands (desert)


Bloodstone (Mars)



1" Elevation
75° Slope


3/4" Elevation
75° Slope


½" Elevation
45° Slope


3/4" Elevation
Natural Slope


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Mage Pac & Mage Set!
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Mage Knight!
Every few years an innovation hits the world of fantasy tabletop gaming like a tidal wave, bringing legions of new players into the industry. Wizkids, a new company founded by game designer Jordan Weisman, now proudly announces "Mage Knight," a prime contender for this crown. Mage Knight is a collectable miniatures game (CMG) in which every 3D figurine contains all of the information needed for gameplay. Every game statistic, from attack strength to magical abilities to record keeping, is incorporated into the base of the character, freeing players from cumbersome rule books, scraps of paper and the need for erasers. What's left is fast and accessible fantasy action.

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Starter Set
This Mage Knight Starter Set comes complete with 10 randomly inserted, fully assembled, painted miniatures, a rule book, a special abilities card, a comic book, 2 six sided dice, an 18" flexible ruler and 10 ID stickers.

Expansion Packs
This Mage Knight Booster Pack comes with 5 randomly inserted, fully assembled, painted miniature figures. Special Note: The image on the Booster Pack box does not indicate which figures are inside.

  • Booster Pack
  • Lancers Expansion Pack
  • Whirlwind Expansion Pack

Get it at MK!

Eight factions in the Mage Knight world compete for dominance of the human kingdoms using technology, magic and elemental power. The Mage Knight Starter Set gives players ten fully assembled, painted miniatures of heroes, mages and monsters, each with an innovative base (patent applied for) that contains all the stats needed for play. Booster Packs will contain five randomly inserted, fully assembled, painted miniatures. Mage Knight will be available this Fall wherever fantasy games are sold.

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