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Featured here are several endorsements from other gamers on the quality of War Zone terrain, as well as praise (and other pat's-on-the-eback) for the high level of customer service and satisfaction that we offer.
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Michael - 07/08/2007
Great stuff! Great Prices! Thank you! Could use more piece measurements on the site though!
WebMonkey: Probably something we should look into. Thanks for the input.
Ferdinand - 07/01/2007
I can't stress the fact that WarZone GTS changed my way of gaming. My friends and family thanks WarZone for everything. Gaming will never be the same once everyone gets into War Zone. Thanx guys... I'll keep in touch!!!
Eric - 06/28/2007
Thanks for the help on the phone!
WebMonkey: No problem... just remember to only call between 11am - 11pm EST, 7 days a week.
Matthew - 06/25/2007
Just put your Assault Table Top to the test with a 6 game WHFB tournamet. Slamming it with dice, dragging movement trays all over it, not a scratch! Fantascic product! For anyone worried about how these hold up, stop it and get one.
Mike - 06/22/2007
Looks great. Looking forward to using. Thanks.
Will - 06/16/2007
Really looking forward to seeing this stuff, thanks much.
Michael - 06/16/2007
Cool Terrain. A little confused about which scale would go with 25mm miniature figures though...
WebMonkey: It really all comes down to your tastes. 01 Scale is larger/higher, 02 is our most popular 25mm terrain, 03 works nice as well, and works great with 15mm and smaller. 04 looks good as well.
Kevin - 06/15/2007
Finally...Someone that makes a decent gaming board.
Greg - 05/28/2007
Have purchased your war boards - BEST GAMING INVESTMENT EVER.
Mike - 06/09/2007
If this looks good with the Crescent Root Buildings, will be buying lots more stuff.
WebMonkey: Be sure to let us know how it looks... or better yet, send us some photos for the gallery.
Ferdinand - 06/03/2007
You guys have the greatest deals on the koolest stuff. My wife and I can't wait for the set. We hold campaigns at home, so, this is gonna be fun!!!
WebMonkey: A wargaming wife? You may have the best wife ever! Awesome!
Edward - 04/06/2007
thank you
Jeffrey - 03/31/2007
Saw this board at a friends. Liked it
Christopher - 03/31/2007
Tables are lighter then the wooden ones we have used for four years. We are looking foward to buying another later this year.
Sheila - 03/18/2007
great site, wonderful terrain, awesome prices! you should flood ebay and take over the terrain making world!! :P thanks again.
Daryl - 03/09/2007
I can't wait to see them. Thank you!
Jonathan - 03/05/2007
I'm assuming that postage is airmail cost. If not is it possible to change it to airmail? Thank you
WebMonkey: Overseas is by plane... no boats or dingys.
Jonathan - 03/03/2007
Also, hate to rush it, but I REALLY need before Cold Wars. Sorry for waiting until the last minute.
WebMonkey: We do try to accomodate!
Will - 02/25/2007
Good talking to you guys, have a good weekend!
Jessica - 02/23/2007
i've been looking for something like this for the longest time...thanks so much!!
James - 02/19/2007
Really happy with both the product and the service! Thanks!
Harlow - 01/29/2007
Wow, that was some fast shipping on my last order!! Sure you can't be talked into doing the frosty version?
Larry - 01/19/2007
Love your stuff. Thanks in advance!
David - 01/15/2007
Great site!!!! I dont have enough room for half the stuff i want!!!
Mark - 01/08/2007
Great stuff
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